Performance and Development Culture

At St Michael's we teach children, not grades.

In 2010 we began to explore our development as part of the Performance and Development Culture Program.
This was a natural flow on from our Renewal Process in 2009. Performance and Development Culture provided us with a framework and rubric that enabled us to reflect on our school performance in 5 areas;

  • Induction,
  • using data for feedback
  • individualised teacher development plans based on individual development needs, student learning and school priorities,
  • quality professional development to meet individual development needs
  • a belief by staff that the school has a performance and development culture.

From the process and discussion that that followed this reflection, and through reflection on our strategic plan, we were able to develop a whole school learning theme that reflected the needs of the students, staff and our school as a learning organisation. The theme

'Building Learners as Thinkers'

 was adopted by our school and the St Michael's Action Learning Cycle was established.