Technology (or ICT) is taught by an Information, Communication and Technologies Specialist Teacher.

Students participate in one 45 minute Technology lesson per week, which builds technology competencies within a sequential framework, from Prep to Grade 6.  

Our school demonstrates the ongoing commitment to technological programs and equipment. Our teaching and learning strategies are continually being evaluated and updated according to the needs of the children at St Michael’s. Our school pursues opportunities to expand ICT innovations because we are mindful that ICT will play a large part in our students’ future.

We have computer Lab with 30 PCs, this is used for the weekly ICT lessons and for classes with their classroom teacher.  Each classroom, from prep-4, have 6 PCs for the children to use.  In addition to this there is a trolley of 22 laptops in the 3/4 area.

Each classroom as well as the Intervention room has an Interactive Whiteboard to assist with learning and teaching.


1:1 iPad Program

The 1:1 iPad program was introduced into the 5/6 area in 2012.  This device has been a very valuable learning tool in developing the school's theme 'Building Learners as Thinkers'.  They:

  • encourage individualised learning
  • increase independence
  • encourage self-initiated learning
  • encourage good learning behaviours
  • extend our student's learning beyond the classroom
  • encourage the children to take greater pride and ownership witht he knowledge they create.

In addition to the 1:1 iPad program we have school owned iPads for the children in Prep - Grade which are used for group work.

Aims of the ICT Program

  • To encourage risk taking ~ to be confident enough to be able to ’have a go’ when using the computer.
  • To develop independence in using a computer (develop strategies for thinking problems through)
  • To develop competence with IT skills which will encourage effective use of technology within the classroom.