As a Catholic School in the diocese of Sale, an assessment regime is in place for all children, Grades P-6, to complete a range of assessments in both Literacy and Numeracy. These occur at the beginning and end of the year. A range of assessments are also used throughout the year.

Parent teacher interviews are conducted at the beginning of the year and again at mid year. The beginning of the year interview encourages parents to share information about their children with staff. This enables staff to become more familiar with each child and their needs. Mid year interviews are accompanied by a written report.

At St Michael’s we use the N-forma database as a tool to produce reports. This allows student outcomes to be checked several times throughout the year and changes made to the level of achievement if necessary.

The mid year report indicates student achievement at the mid year point and is based on the specific outcomes or content areas covered. A further report is completed at the end of the year and all outcomes are listed and assessed.