Promoting a Safe and Supportive Environment

St Michael’s School values the culture of mutual respect, the appreciation of individual differences and the positive resolution of conflict.

We believe that teachers have a key role to play in developing the climate for a sharing, cooperative school, by modelling behaviours and by helping students act responsibly. We believe that students will achieve their personal best in a school environment where everyone works together to build and maintain a caring and cooperative environment.

All students have the right to:

  • be treated with courtesy, kindness and respect
  • express feelings and opinions assertively
  • work and play in an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation
  • feel secure and to be safe in a caring and supportive environment
  • expect that school rules are fair, consistently implemented and respect the rights of all involved
  • be valued for their individuality, including race, gender, cultural, physical or intellectual diversity
  • learn in a supportive atmosphere.

These responsibilities support these rights:

  • treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect
  • listen to others with mutual respect
  • maintain a safe and secure school environment
  • model and support school rules
  • develop responsibility for their own actions
  • value others, for their individual differences
  • work to achieve personal best while allowing others to do the same.

Code of Conduct


  • listen to others and try to empathise with them
  • talk and discuss instead of shouting and arguing
  • make words and body language match in an assertive way
  • develop open communication across the school.

Problem Solving

  • solve problems so that everyone wins
  • let people know how you feel about something
  • apologise if someone’s feelings are hurt
  • make up the rules for a game before starting to make it fair for everyone.


  • students line up before proceeding into class with their teacher
  • walk in the classroom, corridors and around the buildings
  • respect people’s personal space when moving around the school
  • classroom teachers take and collect their class from specialists

Safety and Security

  • play in the designated areas
  • stay inside the school boundaries during school hours
  • take care when playing on the play equipment
  • all play times to be supervised by staff
  • students to be supervised at all times in class
  • building to be locked when students are at play
  • bus travellers line up in the yard and teachers take them to board the buses.


  • help each other in the classroom and in the playground
  • stay on task and concentrate on own work
  • work to achieve personal best


  • make people feel welcome
  • stay calm and rational when solving problems
  • cooperate when playing and show care for each other
  • respect each other and each other’s property

When the overall climate is friendly, when expectations are clear and routines established, and when learning tasks are planned, interesting and within the ability of the children, positive behaviours are more likely to be exhibited.