Administration Of Medication Policy


At St Michael’s parents often request staff to administer medication to their children while at school or under their care. It is the parents' responsibility to notify the school in writing of the time, dose and dates when medication is required and possible outcomes of the required medication.


To ensure the medications are administered appropriately to students in our care.

Implementation And Guidelines

  • All medication to be administered at school must be stored in the office except asthma medication which is to be stored in each classroom in a container on top of the teacher’s filing cabinet.
  • A current record of children with medical conditions is kept in the First Aid room, at the school office .

Prescribed or medicinal drug use

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to administer medication to their child themselves out of school hours if possible.
  • Where this is not feasible, students who need to use prescribed or medicinal drugs within the school jurisdiction must have written approval from a parent / guardian and must inform the class teacher and school office.
  • Parents/guardians should supply medication in a container that clearly states the child’s name, the dose and the time it should be given. The parent needs to also specify whether the medicine needs refrigeration.
  • Medication brought to school will be stored safely in the office.
  • Any regular medication given to a child shall be recorded.
  • Parents/guardians of students who may require injections will be required to meet with the principal to discuss the matter.

Asthma Medication

  • Each asthmatic student will have an Asthma Management Plan (prepared by a doctor) which is kept in the First Aid container in the classroom.
  • Where parents/guardians wish to provide a nebuliser pump at school, they need to negotiate with the school as to who will assist with the use of the pump and its maintenance.

Analgesic Use

  • Where a child complains of a headache or muscular aches, the school will not administer paracetamol unless consent has been given by the parent/guardian.

Emergency Action Plan For Students With Medical Conditions

(arising from asthma, diabetes, serious allergic reaction etc.)

Teacher in charge to consult immediately with trained first aid people and the Principal.

  • An ambulance will be called for if thought necessary by the above personnel.
  • In cases of emergency the Secretary (where possible) will make contact with parents, ambulance and hospital. The class teacher will attend to his/her class and/or the child, with the assistance of a level 2 first aid qualified staff member.
  • All incidents must be recorded in the Accident Register.