Anti – Bullying Policy


Bullying is repeatedly subjecting another person to any form of behaviour which is hurtful, threatening or frightening. It includes teasing, threatening, physical force, mocking or belittling, taking or destroying property, ganging up, name-calling, spreading rumours and excluding others from play. It is not treating others with the respect and dignity they deserve.


At St Michael’s we believe in providing a positive culture where bullying is not accepted. All students need to be respectful towards others, have the right to learn and the right to feel safe and secure in the school environment.


  • To reinforce within the school community what bullying is and the fact that it is unacceptable.
  • To ensure that all reported incidents of bullying are followed up appropriately.
  • To have open communication and co-operation at all times.



  • Designated active play areas and quiet areas are provided for all students
  • Class discussions will be used to build mutual respect and promote safety at school by talking about feelings, problem solving, consideration of others, social and co-operation skills.
  • Teachers will conduct ongoing lessons to equip students with strategies to deal with bullying. All children need to know that bullying will not be tolerated at St Michael’s School and that there is a procedure to follow if it happens to them or if they see it happen to others.
  • Professional development will be provided for all staff.
  • Resources will be constantly updated.


  • Teachers will talk with students who seek help on any problems that may arise from bullying.
  • Individual interviews will be conducted by the Student Support Co-ordinator or Principal, when an incident is reported.
  • Logical consequences are based on goodwill and related to the behaviour, respectful of all parties, with reasonable expectations and relationship building as the core objective.
  • Follow up discussions and monitoring will be provided to evaluate progress.
    Counselling and support will be provided for both the perpetrators and the victims as needed.