Pastoral Care Policy


St Michael’s children, parents and teachers work together to create an environment in which each child is encouraged to develop spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally. We acknowledge the different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and needs of all members of our community.


  • To promote and maintain a Catholic educational environment that fosters Gospel Values and skills for learning for life.
  • To provide a friendly and nurturing community where children learn with and from people of different ages and cultures.
  • To provide abundant opportunities for children to experience success and grow in self confidence by accepting challenges and extending themselves.
  • To encourage open communication within our school community, but at the same time being mindful of everyone’s rights to privacy.
  • To give respect and to nurture each person’s self worth and dignity.


  • Our school is committed to providing opportunities through liturgy, prayer and worship to celebrate our Christian community.
  • Teachers will actively teach and model Christian values and attitudes as well as develop skills and knowledge.
  • Students will be encouraged to grow in self-discipline and to accept responsibility.
  • Abundant opportunities will be provided for children to experience success and grow in self confidence.
  • Our school is a learning environment that provides the education and the motivation to bring each child to their full potential.
  • A relationship of trust and co-operation is developed between our school and the families by respecting and being sensitive towards the diverse cultural values and family structures.
  • Our school’s pastoral care is related to the structural and organisational arrangements of administration, parent liaison and student counselling.

Through our pastoral program at St Michael’s, children learn to enquire, to research, to reflect, to make sense of experiences, to communicate thoughts and feelings and to work co-operatively with others. The most important task at our school is preparing children to learn for life.