Computer and Internet Policy


St Michael’s School recognises that student instruction and student learning will change as telecommunications and other new technologies alter the way in which information may be accessed, communicated and transferred through access to computer networks.

The internet provides students with unprecedented opportunities to obtain information, engage in discussion, and liaise with individuals, organisation and groups world-wide so as to increase skills, knowledge and abilities.
In responding to these changes, our school supports access by students to a wide variety of information resources together with the development, by staff, of appropriate skills to analyse and evaluate such resources.


  • To improve student learning outcomes by increasing knowledge and skills in programs such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets etc.
  • To improve student learning outcomes by increasing access to worldwide information.
  • To develop skills in discriminate and appropriate internet usage.
  • To develop skills in mouse control, keyboard and other electronic equipment.


  • Our school actively supports access by students to the widest variety of information resources available, accompanied by the development of the skills necessary to filter, analyse, interpret and evaluate information encountered.
  • Students and staff at our school will have censorship filtered internet and email access. Such access is a privilege that infers responsibility, and not simply a right to be expected.
  • A computer co-ordinator will be appointed, who will liaise with staff. to manage email access, web filters, and all other issues related to computer and internet access by students.
  • All email accounts are password protected and users are responsible for clearing their mailboxes regularly.
  • All students shall be responsible for notifying their teacher of any inappropriate material so that access can be blocked.
  • All staff shall be responsible for notifying the co-ordinator of any inappropriate material so that access can be blocked.
  • Consequences of publishing, accessing or failing to notify the co-ordinator of inappropriate material shall include the removal of access rights.
  • Student email access will be through MyInternet under staff supervision.
  • Our school computers are in place as a curriculum research and educational tool and not for recreational or malicious use.


  • Students are responsible for good behaviour on our school network as detailed in our school’s Student Code of Conduct. General school rules for student behaviour, conduct and standards of communications will apply. Individual users of our school computers are responsible for their behaviour and communications.
  • Our school expects that staff will incorporate appropriate use of our computer resources in the curriculum and that staff will provide guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of such resources.
  • Our school computers and network are provided for students and teachers to conduct research and communicate with others. Access to our network services is provided to those who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.
  • All students are expected to sign, and have signed by parents, a Code of Conduct for access to the computers and to the Internet.