Sun Protection Policy


Our Sun Protection Policy has been developed to ensure that all children attending St Michael’s school are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. It is to be implemented throughout the year but with particular emphasis in Terms 1 and 4.


At St Michael’s we aim to:

  • Teach children the dangers of exposure to UV radiation of the sun.
  • Encourage protective behaviours.
  • Provide an environment that will protect children, teachers and parents.


This policy is to be read as part of our uniform code.

Our school will:

  • Regularly reinforce Sun Protection behaviour in a positive way through newsletters, parent meetings, student and teacher activities.
  • Encourage children to wear legionnaire or broad brimmed hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever they are outside (eg. recess, lunch, sport, excursions, etc.).
  • Ensure children wear hats outdoors in terms 1 and 4.
  • Encourage children to wear the hat appropriately.
  • Encourage children to wear SPF 20+ (this is a family responsibility).
  • Encourage children to use available areas of shade for outdoor activities.
  • Encourage staff and parents to act as role models by practising Sun Protection behaviours.
  • Restrict children without hats to designated shade areas.
  • Endeavour to schedule outdoor activities on hot days before 11:00 am whenever possible.


A minor review of this policy will be undertaken each year to determine:

  • program implementation.
  • student behaviours – hats / clothing / shade.
  • suitability of grounds.